We were approached to design a website for an aquarium maintenance and installation company which specialized in high-end aquarium displays. The main purpose for their website was to be able to use it a a sales tool to show  their work to potential customers.

Their experience with their market told them that the majority of their clients would search for this sort of service on desktop computers, since they would want to see clear pictures of the aquariums. At the same time, they wanted to be able to get to the pictures easily on a mobile device while speaking with a prospect in person.

While their industry has a higher provider per capita in this area than most cities, the number of legitimate competitors is very low. However, enough of their competitors had hired search engine optimization companies to make appearing at the top of a search result difficult by optimizing their website, alone.

We developed a competitive matrix and analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the other providers and identified areas which were neglected across the board, particularly search advertising, social media usage, and creating fresh content.

During our initial consultation, we had created a content creation grid to plan what would appear on the website. We expanded this grid and helped the company develop a social media and blog strategy (articles) to keep their company in front of their customers and others in the area who had been searching for different aquarium services.

As of this writing, the company had grown into a target for acquisition. Their existing ongoing customer base had nearly doubled as a result of the installation work their marketing attracted, and they had opened up other income streams/