Standing out among chiropractors in the area is a difficult thing to do. There is a large number of chiropractors, and they are generally a smart crowd with an affinity for do-it-yourself marketing. As a result, the search market takes a much greater effort to be seen in.

Sadly, this results in some making the choice to use “black hat” techniques, which Google and other search engines do not like, and penalize heavily for when they catch someone using them.

During our consultation, the client agreed with us that search marketing was not their best option. We decided to maintain a somewhat aggressive set of search advertising campaigns to see what they would bring in, but our focus was on their social media and blog (articles) aspects.

We created a content creation grid for all three aspects of their practice. For many companies, the three parts would be pieces of their overall grid. However, chiropractic care, personal training, and massage therapy provided ample opportunity to build all three and to draw business through each of them.

Creating content came naturally to our client. They had already written articles for magazines and other websites. They also made a lot of live appearances, both as a “guy with a tent” at events as well as a speaker at small seminars. It was not a difficult transition for them to start writing consistent articles.

They had a practice of recording all of their seminar appearances, and we were able to split up their messages into a series of YouTube videos which were subsequently posted on their Facebook page and their LinkedIn profiles.