An artist who produced and built custom clocks featuring customers’ pets came to the conclusion that she wasn’t charging enough for her services. She needed to be charging triple her price in order to do the things which she wanted to do in order to build her business.

However, the presentation of her etsy store indicated a discount artist. She knew that she needed a richer presentation which supported the image of an artist of her caliber and the prices which she was going to charge.

We started with an animated slideshow of her projects, showing the details and overall picture of her products. Then we built a simple website for her which directed customers through all the steps involved to getting a clock made, including picture choices, and getting the right photograph if they needed to take a picture or have a photographer take it.

She was able to focus on marketing and production as a result. She saved hours of time because a customer could follow the steps outlined in the website up to the point where if and when she needed to become involved in the final questions, production, and invoicing steps.