Scripting, filming, editing, and all the other parts and tasks involved with creating professional videos which communicate with your customers.

Video services are offered at three tiers of service

Tier 1 – Basic Video: Videos which look like they were shot at home with a camera or a phone carry an unexpectedly high level of credibility. Viewers know that it is a simple video without professional editing and polish. You provide us with the footage and we will edit it into a branded video which you can use on the internet.

Tier 2 – Talking Head Video Series: This type of shoot is most conducive to creating a series of short videos. A consultant and video technician meet with you for a site visit and to discuss the videos which you would like to make. The actual recording will involve one camera (sometimes two) and some simple lighting at your location. Some basic editing will be done to provide you with a good looking video which shows your products, services, and your knowledge.

Tier 3 – Deluxe Video: These are corporate showcase videos, interviews, possible drone camera views, or other videos which need the highly polished video touch. A consultant and video technician meet with you to discuss your needs. During this meeting, we will determine what will be needed in terms of location, lighting, sound, scripting, storyboarding, spokesmodels, make-up (and other personnel and assistants), and schedule a site visit if the video technician deems it necessary. The video will be edited to professional standards and delivered to you in formats which can be used in a wide variety of places to promote your business.