When you opened your business, you were probably already pretty good in your field. Someone who opens an auto repair shop is probably going to already be a pretty good mechanic. A restaurant most likely has a good chef involved who knows most of what there is to know about creating food masterpieces. An orthodontist opening a new clinic knows all of the equipment needed and has generally been involved to either know what is needed for administration (or knows to hire someone who is).

Yet very few of us are experienced with advertising our business, especially when it comes to internet marketing.

…and when a business owner looks at the internet and sees a whole bunch of Lego® blocks, being a proactive self-starter, they often “jump the gun” and try to piece something together based on what they read and hear from others. What usually results is one or more approximate shapes with random colors.

Jumping the gun simply means starting before being ready, which in this case means building before knowing what is being built.

The first step in building your Lego creation is deciding what to build first… Not trying to build the whole thing at one time. Find one piece, and build it. Just as with Lego® blocks, the beauty of internet marketing is that you can add to it and change it as you grow and as changes need to be made.

So instead of building a whole airport, start with one plane. Maybe the plane is your website. Possibly a social media platform, or the base to your articles which you use to keep visitors coming back.

  • Decide what that piece needs to be (the plane).
  • Find what needs to get it built (the how-to, or a professional).
  • Get the needed parts (buy the box or hire the professional).
  • Build it and put it to work.

Now your one step closer than you were when you started, and it is a solid part which you can build on.

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