Well-written articles (“blogs”) and podcasts can help bring your visitors back. They can also give Google new information to add to their search index. We build on your keyword strategy, and help to create articles and podcasts for your website.

Just like any other marketing avenue, the benefit of a blog to your company can vary. No two companies are the same, and no two blogs are the same. A fitness center’s personal trainer will use a blog in a different way than an orthodontist.

  • A sports bar may put photos which were posted on Instagram from a past event onto the front page of their website.
  • Construction contractors can tell the story of a remodel of a house from start to finish.
  • An arts-and-crafts store might post a how-to article for a project for the upcoming season using supplies which they have for sale.

If your business can benefit from blogs, we plan and start a strategy to get your information, whatever it may be, to people who will want to see and read it. We can also provide assistance in getting them written for you.