Internet Marketing Consultants

Internet Marketing Consultants

Web Design Resources, Search and Social Media Strategy

How we are working with Covid-19

everyone's health is important, and we are participating with the calls for "shelter-in-place" and social-distancing. We are doing our consultations and other meetings online using zoom.

If you haven't used it before, they have made it simpler to use, and we can walk you through getting signed in if you want help.

Be safe, everyone! #AloneTogether

when a team of people experienced in different fields works together toward a common goal,
the result is a greater product than any one of the team would have built by themselves.

Website Design

Search-optimized websites which work on computers, tablets, and phones. You can take full control of your website, have us fully manage it, or somewhere in between.

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Getting Seen on the Internet

SEO and beyond.

We create search, marketing, and social media strategies for moving a business forward with prioritized implementation.

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Other Services

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Video Production
  • Copy Writing
  • Website Upgrades
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    DIY Services and Consulting

    For a business owner who is hands-on, but wants strategic guidance. Bi-weekly consultations with an individualized to-do list of steps to take in between.

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    The website design process

    We build and upgrade websites in close communication with you every step of the way.
    every website design project follows a specific procedure with checks and balances in each step.
    Initial Consultation
    We want to meet you wherever you are in your marketing process. Tell us about your company and where you would like to go with your website and internet marketing. This is a working session where we ask many questions,...
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    Framework, “Keywords,” and Content
    We bring analyzed results from our first meeting and discuss the details with you. We will look at the overall design layout, a comprehensive “keyword” strategy, and the content's organization upon which your website and internet presence can be built....
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    Graphics and Artwork
    The internet is a visual medium, and needs to look good. We can produce any artwork or photography that you need. Depending on the complexity of what is needed, a third meeting may be held, possibly with your project's artist....
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    Social Media and Advertising Preparations
    If social media is a part of your marketing strategy, or if you will use advertising to get customers, we build your presence on the most relevant social media sites, set up a posting plan, and write your advertising campaigns....
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    Delivery of Your Website
    Time to launch the website and make it “go live.” We perform a last proofread and check of all the links. Then we present it to you for your final approval. Once you give us the okay, we activate it....
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    Getting the Word Out
    We start up your social media (and show you how to post, too) and get your ad campaigns started. We then begin a customized strategy aimed toward bringing visitors to you from other websites with similar target audiences to yours....
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    Monitoring and Adjusting
    Monitoring results lets us see how well your presence is working. You are in full control of your budget. With bi-weekly meetings, we let you know what is performing well, what can be strengthened, and recommend adjustments, if needed. In...
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    Blogs, Articles, and Podcasts
    Well-written articles ("blogs") and podcasts can help bring your visitors back. They can also give Google new information to add to their search index. We build on your keyword strategy, and help to create articles and podcasts for your website....
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    Art, photography, graphics, and other services

    when you don't need a whole internet marketing campaign, but just need to fill in some blanks
    Advertising Management
    Save time and avoid the hassles. Google Search Certified consultants manage your campaign with you to maximize your advertising's effect....
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    Competitive Analysis
    Find what your competition is doing well. Use the information to build on it within your own internet marketing strategies....
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    Graphic Design
    Pictures, logos, information diagrams, color schemes, and more, custom designed for your company both on the internet and in print....
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    Enhance your company's story and image with upper tier custom illustrations: most effective for a deluxe or specifically unique feel....
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    Having your own pictures of your company's people and products shows your business more completely than generic pictures bought online....
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    Go beyond your online presence with printed materials. From business cards and brochures, to company literature, clothing, and external signage....
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    Video Production
    Scripting, filming, editing, and all the other parts and tasks involved with creating professional videos which communicate with your customers....
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    Directory Services
    Thoroughly adding your website to local resources and credible online directories (avoiding the bad ones) is an essential SEO step....
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    Copy Writing
    Blogs, articles, website content, and ad copy creation written with your campaigns' keywords and to enhance your complete advertising strategy....
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    Website Upgrades
    Time to bring new life to an old website? Infuse new customer engaging features or build a brand new site.
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    Podcast Planning and Production
    Tell your story and message to people on their way to work, at the store, working out, or practically anywhere...
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    What is Google looking for?

    Google’s business model depends on their ability to sort through over 200 million websites (1) and give their customers (us) what we are looking for.

    Every search runs these websites through a set of “rules” to give us what we want. This is referred to as Google’s algorithm, which gets changed 500-600 times each year (2).

    People try to figure out and manipulate the algorithm with tricks and techniques. While some which have worked better than others, those who got caught (and continue to get caught) paid a hefty price in the form of lowered placement in searches, suspensions, or complete removal from Google’s index (3).

    None of these risky tricks are necessary… because Google tells us exactly what they want (4).

    Google wants their customers (us) to find exactly what we are looking for and to have a good experience when we choose a result to follow.

    1 – Netcraft: February 2018 Web Server Survey

    2 – Moz: Google Algorithm Change History

    3 – Google: Link Schemes

    4 – Google: Webmaster Guidelines

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    Putting Social Media to Work

    Marketing with social media is not for everyone, but it is worth looking into.

    In 2017, Statista reported that over 2.46 billion people were using social media. While the potential impact of social media on a business is not something to be overlooked, the commitment needed to get good results is considerable.

    It doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does need to be consistent.

    The hardest part is getting started and finding what works best for a company. The days of “buy an ad and get customers” are long gone. Social media needs to be actively operated as part of a business’ strategy if it is going to work.

    In our experience, social media management is best operated by the business (owner, senior management, or highly trusted key employee) hand-in-hand with a company helping to track and develop strategies.

    Building Your Social Media Strategy

    Where are your customers?

    We help you determine where your customers are, both physically, and online. This determines where we will focus our efforts.

    How do they use social media?

    The social platforms which your customers use, and how they use them, show us which strategies have greater potential for better returns.

    Choose a method

    Pick the way you want to engage your customers taking into consideration the time involved and how it will be monitored.

    Plan your content

    Our planning process gives you an average of over six months worth of material to use in your marketing.

    Assign the operator(s)

    Choose who will be the “voice(s)” of your company. This person should be naturally good at positively interacting with people.

    Create your content

    We coach your content writers in best practices, proper online etiquette, and how to use keywords and hashtags to give your campaign a better likelihood of success.

    Track, test, and adjust as needed

    We look at what our tracking says and what your cash register says to determine what changes need to be made to your campaign.



    How do DIY Services and Consulting work?

    Any of the services which we provide can be performed for you a la carte, whether you are an individual business owner putting together a new website, or a company which just wants a specific task handled for them.

    If you are either a business owner building your own website and/or setting up and running your own internet marketing campaigns, or you are an employee assigned the task by your company, then you are part of the DIY (Do It Yourself) community. “DIY-ers” generally fit into one of four categories:

    • Employees or business owners who have tasks to do, and either do not enough time to do them all by themselves, or would someone to help with the “heavy lifting.”
    • Experienced computer users, graphic artists, or web designers who know the “nuts and bolts,” but want help in deciding what to do with it.
    • Business owners or employees who are very good at advertising and marketing, but want guidance in “how-to” use their expertise in the world of internet marketing… and they want it from someone who is not trying to sell them their product or service.
    • Someone on a shoestring budget who is going to take advantage of one of the many free tools, but doesn’t know where to begin, especially since many of the how-to instructions on the internet read as if they were written by computer guys taking to computer guys.

    Services which fall under the DIY umbrella include specific services and consultations.

    Consultations are the opportunity for you to pick the brain of an internet marketing professional and ask the questions to which you are having difficulty finding the answers. You can ask your consultant for a wide range of services, such as:

    • Proofreading
    • Visual and artwork suggestions
    • Build a keyword strategy (4 hour minimum)
    • How to blog
    • Connecting social media to the website
    • How to use AdWords (2 hour minimum)
    • Simple copy writing, or help with copy writing (more involved copy writing requires a quote from the company).
    • “Show me how to…”
    • …and too many to list on this page

    …all for the flat hourly rate of $75/hr with a two-hour minimum.


    About the Company and Our Philosophy

    The Cambridge Dictionary defines “collaboration” as “the situation of two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing.”

    We have found that when a team of experienced people from different fields works together toward a common goal, such as a customer’s internet presence, the result is a greater product than any one of the team would have built by themselves.

    “Terminus” was the name of the settlement which would become Marthasville and eventually Atlanta. The name was in reference to the location of the terminating point to which multiple train lines would come together and establish the city as the transportation hub of the Southern United States.

    Just as the collection of different railroads to different areas began what turned into the great city, rich in resources, diversity, and growing opportunity, our philosophy of collaboration has served our customers well with websites and marketing strategies built and implemented by people experienced in each piece of a company’s internet presence.

    We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.