A deluxe website is a large project which performs a wide variety of complex tasks. A simple example would be that fitness center which wants a website to:

  • Take member payments online, send reminders when the payment is coming due and when it is overdue, and suspend the membership when it is unpaid for seven days
  • Let members manage their memberships and profiles, track workouts and progress, reserve spots in class, and book physical trainers
  • Send messages about promotions or changes to the members
  • Provide 7-day passes for prospective members who sign up online
  • Schedule employee work shifts, manage swaps and pickups, and take requests for time off
  • Process employee paperwork, such as tax forms, training materials, waivers, and more

Deluxe websites involve multiple consultations over a considerable time with several people involved. The initial consultation costs $500. A second strictly technical consultation will likely be required for $500. As with other consultations, if you choose us to manage your project, the two consultation prices will be applied to the cost of the project.