Our website design team infuses internet marketing components throughout the design of each website we build.

Search optimization within the website design

When somebody searches for a service (or anything else), Google runs its index of over 200 million websites to return a list of solutions to the person doing the search.

We build elements into the design of each page which tell Google exactly what you do, and exactly what they will find when they look at your page. We compartmentalize your content in a way to give Google and the other search engines a clearer and more specific idea of what is on your website’s page in order to have a better chance of being included in the top results presented.

Website design with people in mind

Beyond technical website design, we incorporate your company’s branding throughout the entire website. It begins with logos and color schemes, and is a part of every picture, graphic, and other visual piece of your site.

The words chosen for the site are picked to lead visitors through seeing your services and up to calling you, placing an order, visiting your store, or contacting you through email or a form on your website.

Our website design is built to work on desktops, tablets, and phones by default. Your visitors are able to interact with your site at home, at the office, or on the go.

Your control is built into the website design

You decide how much control of your website that you want to take.

  • You can take full control of everything related to your website
  • You can choose to actively engaged with assistance from us
  • You can be completely hands-off and have us manage your website for you
  • Or you can be anywhere in between.