Thoroughly adding your website to local resources and credible online directories (avoiding the bad ones) is an essential SEO step. Tip: Don’t buy a bunch of “backlinks.”

There was a time when companies trying to get seen on Google would see ads selling 1,000 “backlinks” to their website. Backlinks are links from other websites to yours. They are part of Google’s process of determining where a company appears in the list of search results.

The customers would buy the links, but without their knowledge, the links would be from completely irrelevant websites. These sites were often just lists of links to other websites, and many of them were from adult entertainment sites.

The mass generated by the near-instantaneous automated process and the low quality of the backlinks would send a red flag to Google.

When Google identifies that someone has bought a collection of links, they either push the company’s search ranking far down the list and back several pages, or they remove them altogether.

Google differentiates between a mass of purchased links and the legitimate submission of websites. They look for links from sites which are credible and are relevant to your industry and reward websites which have them. Our directory service is designed to create this.

One by one, we manually contact credible websites which relate to your field, and established directories. We submit your website and your material to each one for them to consider linking to your content from their site (another reason for high quality and useful information on a website). Each request is different, and when we are done, a collection of quality backlinks to your website has been put into place.