Small companies ranging from start-ups to ones getting their first website built are often faced with two challenges.

The first is that many new companies are starting with a shoestring budget, and if they pay a lot of money for their website, they don’t have much left for the rest of their marketing outreach efforts.

The second is that several entrepreneurs go into business because they are good at a service or have a very good product. They are experts in their field, but are not usually experienced in marketing what they offer. As a result, even if they pay a lot for a website, they don’t know what to do with it and in conjunction with it. The website ends up being an expensive online brochure as opposed to the powerful marketing tool that it could be.

It is for these two reasons that we do not recommend that a small company pay a lot for a website.

Rather, we recommend a different strategy:

  1. Get either an inexpensive website built (we build a very simple website starting at $999), or get a free one and build it yourself. Some of the websites are somewhat simple to use. The question isn’t so much one of nuts and bolts as much as it is what to include in it and what strategy to pursue. The free platform which we recommend higher than any other is called Word Press. The wide majority of our clients use WordPress because of its ease of use and how well it and Google work together. You will need a hosting service in which to house your website, and GoDaddy and HostGator have good reputations with WordPress (It could be beneficial to hire us for a consultation before choosing your website).
  2. Hire us for a consultation. At the end of the consultation, you will have a strategy in place for what to include on your website and how to market your goods and services with tools which work in parallel with your website. The price for the consultation is $150, and if you hire us for other services (which you may need, anyway), the $150 is credited toward the cost of those services.
  3. Use simple graphics, and get as good photography of your product as you can with the amount of money which you have allocated for photography. We will discuss graphics and photography options (including using your camera phone and some good light) during your consultation.
  4. Develop and operate a strong search based advertising and social media campaign (if it is appropriate for your service).
  5. Build your business and adjust your website along the way as needed. When the time is right, upgrade your website, which will be made easier in the future because you built your site with WordPress.