A la carte services offered by Terminus Web Group.

Advertising Management
Save time and avoid the hassles. Google Search Certified staff manages your campaign with you to maximize your advertising’s effect.

Competitive Analysis
Find what your competition is doing well. Use the information to build on it within your own internet marketing strategies.

Graphic Design
Pictures, logos, information diagrams, color schemes, and more, custom designed for your company both on the internet and in print.

Enhance your company’s story and image with upper tier custom illustrations: most effective for a deluxe or specifically unique feel.

Having your own pictures of your company’s people and products shows your business more completely than generic pictures bought online.

Go beyond your online presence with printed materials. From business cards and brochures, to company literature, clothing, and external signage.

Video Production
Scripting, filming, editing, and all the other parts and tasks involved with creating professional videos which communicate with your customers.

Directory Services
Submission of your website to credible online directories (and avoiding the bad ones): one step to growing your internet presence.

Copy Writing
Blogs, articles, website content, and ad copy creation written with your campaigns’ keywords and to enhance your complete advertising strategy.

Website Upgrades
Time to bring new life to an old website? Infuse new customer engaging features or build a brand new site.