There are a variety of ways to help your website to be seen. Without engaging in “black hat” techniques (which break Google’s rules and put your website at risk for being pushed down in the search listings or removed, altogether), we enhance your website to maximize its appeal to the search engines.

Google wants:

  • your website to communicate what you do very clearly
  • people and other websites to communicate that you do what your website says that you do
  • fresh content on the website so that it is not simply looking at the same stack of pages over time

Google’s business model is based on giving people searching on the internet exactly what they are looking for. If they have any doubt that a page on the internet is giving that information, then they push it down the list, or simply do not show it.

We work on your website to make it as valuable to Google as we can, so that when someone is searching for what you do, we give you the best chance of being seen quickly at the very moment they are looking.

Google changes its “algorithm” (its list of criteria and questions to be answered about each website for every search) 500-600 times each year. It is always changing, so we continue tracking and researching to help us identify any missed opportunities which you can use to your advantage.