If social media is a part of your marketing strategy, or if you will use advertising to get customers, we build your presence on the most relevant social media sites, set up a posting plan, and write your advertising campaigns.

Social media strategies

We are often asked “how do you ‘do’ social media?”.

One of our consultants describes it this way: There are many ways to cook an egg. You can boil, scramble, poach, fry, sunny side up, over medium, omelet, benedict, and so on… The egg still gets cooked (perfectly, undercooked, overcooked, broken yolks, burnt). You find the ways you like your egg, and you get good at cooking it until it becomes second nature to you. Then you learn different ways to cook eggs, and when to cook them in the different ways. Boiled eggs, for example, don’t make a good omelet.

“Doing” social media works in the same way.

There are many approaches with fit different situations, and companies are getting more and more adaptive and creative with it. Here’s an example: At some point, companies started handling customer complaints in front of everybody Twitter and Facebook (and others, which can always be implied). This probably isn’t what they had in mind while developing the platforms, but social media use has evolved to a point where companies are hiring dedicated employees or PR firms to handle it.

Social media works in different ways for different people, and in some cases, it doesn’t work at all. We work with you to find the ways you can use it in your marketing and provide a step-by-step plan for making it happen.

Online Advertising

We make it easy for you. A Google Search Certified consultant will handle or help you (your choice) with the research, planning, writing, and getting your messages to the public, and then we will monitor them, test them, and make adjustments as necessary.

You have full control of your budget and a wide array of options to find the most effective messages to create and keep customers. You can see the same data we see, so you know exactly what is working the best for you, and what needs to be strengthened.