Beyond the website, many opportunities exist for bringing new and repeat customers to your business.

Social media management

The sheer size of the social media market and the many ways to approach it make social media marketing seem more daunting than it really is. Out of the countless platforms in the world, the vast majority of social media use takes place on just eight platforms. Pew Internet Research has found that the average American uses three of those eight platforms, with Facebook and YouTube getting a heavy majority of the usage. We design strategies which use the platforms’ nature to attract customers for your business.

AdWords and pay-per-click

Google’s business model of serving internet searchers by giving them exactly what they are looking for creates opportunity for businesses who want to put their products and services in front of people at just the right moment when they are searching for what they provide. A Google Search Certified consultant works with you to build and manage strategies designed to make your phone ring, lead customers into your door, and can even market specifically to people who clicked on an ad but did not buy.

Search strategies

There are a variety of ways to help your website to be seen. Without engaging in “black hat” techniques (which break Google’s rules and put your website at risk for being pushed down in the search listings or removed, altogether), we enhance your website to maximize its appeal to the search engines. We can go undercover and see what your competition is doing, and use that information to help your website’s search results.

Blog strategy

With a focused and planned approach, articles (“blogs”) can be effective not only in helping your search results, but also in building your credibility as a leader in your industry. Our planning session leave you with a plan that you can use for months to build a strong internet presence (or you can have us do the heavy lifting and write them for you).