We bring analyzed results from our first meeting and discuss the details with you. We will look at the overall design layout, a comprehensive “keyword” strategy, and the content’s organization upon which your website and internet presence can be built.

The rough draft(s) which we bring to this meeting will become the framework upon which the website and campaign will be built. We review the draft(s), seeing how and where each piece of information will be organized within the site. We will beef up the information which we have, tweak the details, and then plan what elements will be going in, and make any arrangements to obtain graphics, photography, or other needed services.

Next, we will review and plan your “keywords” strategy. Keywords are the words and phrases which people on the internet use when they are trying to find a business which provides the service you provide. We go over a list of keywords and phrases derived from researching your input in our first meeting and decide how to best use them in your campaigns.

After the meeting, we will begin word-smithing your content, infusing the chosen keywords into the text being put in throughout the site.