Internet statistics provider, Statista, reports that Google generated 63.4 percent of all core search queries in the United States in January of 2018, and over 93% of searches from mobile devices, which is why focus on Google’s results (although we do work through Bing and other search tools, as well).

Google’s business model of serving internet searchers by giving them exactly what they are looking for creates opportunity for businesses who want to put their products and services in front of people at just the right moment when they are searching for what they provide.

Their AdWords advertising campaigns give you full control of your budget as you choose where to cap your spending. Their strategies have grown to be more sophisticated and specific, with strategies designed to make your phone ring, lead customers into your door, and marketing specifically to people who clicked on an ad to go into your website, but did not buy while they were there.

A Google Search Certified consultant helps you maximize your opportunity, working with you to build and manage your campaigns as they progress, making suggestions and adjustments along the way.