The internet is a visual medium, and needs to look good. We can produce any artwork or photography that you need. Depending on the complexity of what is needed, a third meeting may be held, possibly with your project’s artist.

A list will be made of what art is needed, its location, and how it will be obtained. This could involve online proofing, scheduling photo shoots, or acquiring stock photography and the licensing required to use the images.

Additional fees, if any, will be billed separately from your quote if they were not included in the scope of work (some basic artwork is included in most scopes). You will have full control over your budget and the choices made for your website and campaign. In many cases, there will be two or more tiers to choose from, such as basic artwork vs. commissioning illustrations, each with different price levels.

Online proofs will be submitted for your approval for each piece of artwork created for your website. Each created piece belongs to you, and you will have full license to use the artwork however you please, such as in signage or other marketing collateral.