When it comes to adding pieces to an existing internet marketing campaign, I tend to follow two guidelines:

  • Assuming that your new piece works immediately and starts generating business, can you handle the business without loss of quality, service, and credibility?
  • Can you logistically maintain the new piece?

The most common failure which I have seen in businesses (excluding the ones which just fizzle out) is the failure of growing more quickly than they can handle while maintaining their high standards.

If standards start to drop for any reason, then a quick reevaluation of whether or not you are ready to add the new piece is in order. You may need to add employees, or find some other way to leverage your efforts, even if it means throttling back on other pieces, or eliminating them.

Maintenance of your internet marketing pieces is as important as the execution of your operation. You must be able to maintain the same quality of service and keep your presence consistent in order to keep your credibility with any followers or online customers which you have gained through your already-existing pieces.

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