Hair salons include the sale of hair care products as one of their revenue streams. It is not necessarily the main one, but it can have a significant impact on a salon’s profitability.

When adding this piece, questions have to be asked to do it successfully:

  • Which products do they want to sell?
  • Sold in one place or through multiple locations within the store?
  • How do they want to present them to customers? Display only? Verbally?
  • How do the sales get accounted for in the point of sale system?
  • What needs to be done to replenish them?
  • …and the list goes on.

Each project which gets added to an internet marketing strategy (or any advertising strategy, for that matter) has its own series of questions. Every question needs to be answered and then planned for so that it can be organized and built, as this excerpt from one of Lego’s® plane assembly instructions shows. (1)

Question Number One: Why do I want to have this as part of my internet marketing strategy?

  • What is this supposed to accomplish? What is it supposed to do for me?
  • How will a Facebook page (for example) benefit your company? The answer needs to be better than “because everyone is supposed to have one.”

After the question of Why is answered thoroughly enough to your satisfaction, then you look at the parts needed to make it happen. A Facebook page may need:

  • The page, itself. Someone needs to build it, either in-house or by a professional, filling in all the blanks such as location and contact information.
  • Photographs and graphics/videos – Facebook is a visual medium, and in our experience, pages which are visually appealing produce better results than pages which are not.
  • Time dedicated to manage the page on a day-to-day basis. Some days don’t need much more than a quick glance. Others might warrant a few minutes or a couple of hours.
  • A key person (or people) to be trained to operate it according to company standards (which means that company standards must be determined)

Depending on the project chosen, more or less may be needed. It is work, and it needs to exist for every internet marketing channel which you choose to use for your company.

Your needs will change as your company grows. As the strategy develops, more parts and resources will be needed along the way. Some companies hire a professional to help with the “heavy lifting,” while others may add its management to an employee, or even hire an employee solely for the purpose of managing internet marketing.

1 – Building Instructions for 3181, Passenger Plane, Lego® City Airport

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