“I take care of my own internet marketing. I’d like someone to take a look from time to time and tell me what I could be missing or doing better.”

“I know the nuts and bolts of putting together a website. I’m just not sure what direction I need to go with it.”

“I’m comfortable with operating everything… I want someone to come in every now and then to do the ‘heavy lifting’.”

We are seeing more companies operating their own internet marketing, which is good to see. When it comes to a business’ marketing, nobody is more vested or more interested in the image and bringing in customers than the owners and the company’s team.

When they want help or guidance, one of our consultants meets with them and answers questions, analyzes data and other information, sets up graphic support, or performs whatever other tasks the company wants done.

DIY consultation and services are available for our hourly rate of $75 with a two-hour minimum.